One day before valentines day, I released my ginkgoch map library for Node.js v1.9 with a lot of new features and improvements.

Ginkgoch MAP Library is a software development kit for building cross platform mapping software and service with JavaScript.

Change Logs

  • Support to set antialias
  • Support to plot labels in polygon interior point - affect drawing performance currently
  • Support to compress coordinates for viewport
  • Support to adjust envelope based on viewport size
  • Support rendering in electron
  • Support multi-source feature layer
  • Support fill area with pattern
  • Support draw lines with line dash
  • Refactor FeatureLayer inheritance
  • Improve drawing quality
  • Improve drawing performance by avoid unnecessary steps (projection etc.)
  • Improve envelope() returns a concrete type instead of interface
  • Improve spatial analyse performance.

Getting Started with

npm i --save ginkgoch-map

Visit this repo for more basic demos.

Happy Mapping 😎