Make Cross Platform Mapping Software Easy

Create a nCoV Coverage Map of China

The beginning of 2020 is full of unfortunate news. The spread of new pneumonia - nCoV, Kobe’s gone … It hurts me all the time. In order not to disturb the country, I stayed at home for a few days in the new year. From time to time, pick up your phone and observe the spread of the disease. The following map is a typical mapping software that helps me to know the situation.

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Build a XYZ Map Server with MAP Library

In the previous page: Quick Started Demos for Map Core, I introduced the basic features of Ginkgoch Map Library. It allows developers to draw a map with shapefiles or features with thematic styles, then store it as an image on disk. It is a pretty simple and pure demo which could only guide to build some console utilities. But Ginkgoch Map Library is far more powerful than that for crafting web mapping software.

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Quick Started Demos for Ginkgoch Map Library

This page represents several simple demos for core functions of Ginkgoch Map Library. In this page, I won’t introduce any other web, desktop or mobile frameworks to build rich UX application; but only use few lines of code to show the feature of its mapping capabilities. Simple features are basis of building complex mapping software, isn’t it?

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