Many feedback indicate that the getting started sample is too simple. Yes, I agree. Here comes 20+ downloadable and executable feature demos. Also released new Map Library v1.12.0 with many API improvements as well as some new spatial analysis functions.

v1.12.0 Change Logs

  • Add ViewportUtils.getInitViewport function to get a proper lng, lat, zoom from envelope
  • Allow to build geometries with number arrays for easier number input. e.g. new LineString([{x:0, y:0}, {x:10, y:10}]) becomes LineString.fromNumbers([0, 0, 10, 10])
  • Implement spatial analysis for querying on FeatureSource which allows to query features based on spatial relationships: intersect, disjoint, within, overlap and touch
  • Add declare file (*.d.ts) for native register for better typescript support
  • Fix a bug of a returning type is bind to another lib’s specific version, which makes typescript upstream project compile filed
  • Add a strategy to auto break down values by its index position. Previously, it breaks down by value, when the maximum value is far away from the second large value, the effect is not good.
  • Allow to create new delimited file with specified features.

More history change logs, please refer to this page for detail.

Feature Demos

Learning feature with demos will be a pretty easy way to get started. Before learning from source code, a better approach is to take a look at what it can be done with an executable mapping software.

This feature demo application is built with electron that support to run on macOS, Windows and Linux.



Go to the release page for the latest update. OR download directly by the links below.

Visit more feature demo source code on

Happy Mapping 😎