Whenever browsing my Ginkgoch Homepage, I found some of my links are external resources on github. Although they are linked to my own projects, but they still make me feel bad and not unified. I’m going to refactor this part.

In previous website, there are several related resources linked to github.

  • Tutorials
  • Dev Docs
  • API Reference
  • Demo projects
  • Showcases
  • Release Notes

Add more technology documents are missing. It is distributed in every corner of my github projects’ readme and so on, or even in my github pages. Even worse, some of the content are duplicated. It is hard to make them unified, connective and well maintained. Forgive me that I’m the only one to build this whole world (excuse 😭).

Today, I’m going to refactor all those issues to make my map library development guide better.

This weekend, I’ve done following items to setup my new Ginkgoch Map Library Development Guide - v1.

  • Built with docsify which makes me focus on existing resources and documentations.
  • Re-write all the getting started mapping demos for multiple platforms: CLI, desktop, service and web app.
  • Write a tool to generate my API reference and group them by categories (it is rough so far, but enough now).
  • Collect all my showcases and organize them in one page to share.
  • Collect all the non-tech resources and group into one section.

Let me re-introduce my map library development guide!


Later on, all the docs will be gradually migrated here. I’m so excited.