Welcome to Development Guide

This is initial guide version for Ginkgoch Map Library. Due to the lack of resource (I personally maintain the projects, source code as well as this guide), I will gradually improve this guide when I available.

Welcome to Ginkgoch MAP Library guide. Visit the project in github, home page or contact page. Feel free to submit issues and requests.

Ginkgoch MAP Library is an open source map library for crafting beautify, cross platform mapping software, spatial analysis from a single codebase. It is written with Node.js, thus it is friendly to all JavaScript developers. If JavaScript is already one of your familiar programming language, you are ready to build your own mapping software for desktop, web applications, web services as well as mobile apps.

Ginkgoch Map Library is focusing on GIS data support, spatial analysis and data visualization. It won’t include any UI components support; because there are already many beautiful and mature UI libraries in the market. In the following guides, you will see how perfectly Ginkgoch Map Library works with those UI components, or even frameworks.

I’m an indie hacker who enjoys to build softwares I like. I have been a software developers for decades of years. With many years working experience, there are many duplicated code when working on may mapping softwares. This project is a technical sink of those years. I hope if could help the others as well.

Let open the gate to build your own mapping softwares.