Style is the basis of data visualization. It describes how Ginkgoch Map Library to render geometries as map surface. Our API is designated as much as possible to close to the HTML5 Canvas API, so that JavaScript will understand what it is ued for. I think it is pretty straight forward.

  • Style section represents the base type of all styles and some of its simple children class: FillStyle for area based geometries (Polygon, MultiPolygon), LineStyle for line based geometries (LineString, MultiLineString) as well as PointStyle for point based geometries (Point, MultiPoint); also a TextStyle is capable for all kinds of geometries for label rendering.

  • Advanced section includes some style extension for some advanced usage. Such as ValueStyle for rendering based on attribute value, ClassBreakStyle for breaking down attribute ranges, General style for unknown geometry type; it also includes some pretty useful utilities for setting style factors.