This page collects some highlight projects working with Ginkgoch Map Library for Node.js. It covers the demos, utils or apps for command line tools, desktop and web mapping development. All those tools or apps are capable to run on multiple platforms.

Quick Started Projects

This is the project for the four step by step quick started project for map related command line, desktop, service and web mapping software.


How Do I Feature Demos for Desktop

This is Ginkgoch MAP SDK feature demos for desktop. It includes all basic features for building a mapping software. All demos are designed as few clicks to represent what it can be done.


Shapefile Viewer for Desktop

A desktop application for exploring shapefile information. Including header, features etc.


Novel Coronavirus Coverage Map

A step-by-step tutorial to build a novel coronavirus map for China.


Map RESTful Server

This is a mapping service demo that allows for map visualization, querying and customization. Docker support.


Shapefile Command Line Tool

This is a command line tool to help to inspect a specified shapefile. It provides function to inspect a specified shapefile header, fields, records etc.


Also supports to serve this file for viewing in browser.